Spa Bali Ubud at Maya Resort and Spa

Spa Bali Ubud at Maya Resort and Spa
spa bali ubud
Spa Bali Ubud - Spa Bali Ubud Maya Resort & Spa is located in a beautiful isolation, close to the exciting Pitano river basin of the East and the beautiful rice fields of Bielatin from the west. The ten hectare channel itself is a quiet spot in tropical gardens and buildings designed from architectural hay, private pool villas and luxurious rooms.

A 25-minute walk from Maya Ubud to the colorful and vibrant Ubud village, with markets, museums, art galleries, shopping malls and attractive restaurants. A free shuttle service is available between the resort and the central market daily from 09:00 until 17:00.

The balance of the human senses through universal harmony rises to the highest level in Spa Bali Ubud in Maya. From the simplest care AUTOCILLIN to the extended sensory journey, skilled therapists and care have only one goal, that is to create an unforgettable experience for guests.

Getting closer to the Spa in Maya itself promises nothing special. Down the elevator to the river level is like entering a secret health and pampering area. The fertile river valley expanded calmly and calmly like dense sunlight that added light to the surrounding environment.

From the central reception corridor, the walkway passes through the lush foliage to the special care suite, complete with a daybed facing the valley. This is ideal for relaxation and refreshments after treatment, with bathtub, outdoor bathtub and toilet facilities. For specific skincare problems, Maya Spa Bali Ubud has Pivonia tropical regeneration products and qualified professionals. 

Facial skin and repair using gel uses small emulsions and ages that prevent collagen booster therapy - both for men and women. This has the puropose to praise the whole body's focus which includes body scrubs and lids. This sensual pleasure includes a sense of relaxation, renewal, revitalization and refreshment for a full sense of orgasm. You can get the best deal to book this place at SPAONGO.

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